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    Wiggly Fish Toy

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    Relieve Your Cat's Stress Level

    Boredom is a trigger of depression for cats and humans alike! Increased periods of playtime is recommended by vets to avoid depression in cats.

    It can help you solve all these problems, and give you an active, lovely and healthy cat. It is an interactive toy fish with three modes of vibration to keep your cat engaged.

    Realistic Fish Simulation

    Moves just like a real-life fish and cats go crazy. Keep your kitty engaged, alleviating boredom and loneliness when you are away from home!

    Your catnip toy keeps your pet active and occupied even when their favorite human owner is engaged or away. 


    • The moving fish toy is a great way to help get your cat excited for playtime by stimulating their natural hunter instincts

    • It makes playtime fun and exciting for cats, the fun never ends!

    • Keep your cats busy, curious and playful

    • Realistic fish simulation

    • Stimulates more playtime

    • Eliminates cat separation anxiety


    • Motion-Based Sensor -  It adjusts its flopping slower or faster according to the motion around it. If it detects that its being played with, it'll flop faster. If it detects no motion, it'll slow down and eventually stop.

    • Built-in Rechargeable Battery - Comes with a USB charger and a built in battery that lasts for days after a full charge.

    • Refillable Catnip Pouch - Comes with a cat safe velcro pocket making it easy to refill with catnip over and over again! 

    • Durable & Pet Safe Material - Made of high-quality materials, so you don't have to worry about the safety and durability of the toy being scratched or bitten by the cat.


     Size: 30 cm

    Material: PP Cotton

    Package Includes:

    1x Electronic Fish Toy

    1x USB Cable

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