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    Silicone Body Scrubber

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    Achieve Healthier and Cleaner Skin

    These exfoliating gloves for the body are gentle for everyday use and slough away dead skin cells. It can be used for hand face feet body clean.

    Aids in healthy blood circulation with frequent use.

    Enjoy Deep Cleaning Skin Treatment

    Deep cleaning bristles exfoliates and massages your skin resulting into a deep cleansed and healthy skin.

    The length of the silicone bath towel also works well to apply lotion to the bottom of the foot and heels even for a person who can't clean and massage his feet easily.


    • Suitable for all skin types from dry, oily to combination skin as well

    • 2 handle straps at both ends that comfortably cleans all areas on the body

    • Improves skin texture and keeps your body healthy

    • Perfect for daily use to gently clean any pores and dirt on your skin


      • Made of food grade silicone material which is environmentally friendly, durable and non-toxic

      • 1,000 brush heads that penetrates into pores to clean dirt and effectively exfoliates and massage the skin

      • Features a massage function on the back. After cleaning the skin, using the back massage function can make the skin soothing and relaxing

      • The hooks can be easily hung and stored, saving space and dry the brush quickly

      • This silicone back scrubber can not only help you exfoliate deeply and acne but also help you massage the body and promote blood circulation

      How To Use:

      1. Wet the scrubber with water

      2. Put shower gel on the bristles

      3. Rub the shower gel quickly with the bristles

      4. Clean your body easily


      Size: 60cm / 24 inches

      Material: Sponge, Silicone

      Type: Silicone Back Scrubber

      Package Includes:

      1x Silicone Body Bath Brush

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