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    RF Beauty Wand

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    Achieving Youthful Glowing Skin

    Easily achieve clearer and smoother skin. Our wand uses light therapy to help fight variety of skin issues such as Acne, Wrinkles and Hyper Pigmentation.

    Using a special pulse which can directly provide specific skin needs. It directly give nourishment to the dermal layer of the skin, so you do not have to undergo surgery.

    Rejuvenate and Beautify Your Skin

    • Skin care cream nutrients can be fully absorbed as electroporation makes it more easier for the dermis to absorb it. 

    • A high radio frequency current induces heat which is effective in providing skin relaxation, removal of wrinkles, better lymphatic blood circulation, face lifting and contouring.

    • The device has four level conduction and special pulse technology generating microwaves specifically for improving skin elasticity, muscle contraction and facial tissue regeneration.

    • This can effectively repair and solve all your skin problems by choosing a correct LED light to use


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