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    TrapX™ Mosquito Killer

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    Get Rid of Mosquitos At Home

    Protecting you and your loved ones from mosquitoes is easier and safer than ever! This wavelength has a fatal attraction of insect’s mosquito.

    Mosquitos are attracted to the light source and then they will be trapped into the mosquito tray under strong cyclone.

    Prevent Dengue and Malaria

    Powerful cyclone will make the mosquito dehydrated and died.

    The fan highly stirs the surrounding air to form a vortex, so that mosquitoes used to fly with the wind and mosquitoes wind near the wind tunnel, will be strong vortex suction into the bottom of the mosquito disc.


    • No radiation, non-toxic and chemical-free, and is extremely silent, being ideal for the baby nursery or adult bedroom Safe for human health and environment.

    • Bug traps can be both stylish and effective! The sleek, compact and minimal design of our mosquito trap will look great in any environment.

    • The energy-efficient, radiation-free Violet LED releases violet light waves (365NM to 395NM) to irresistibly lure mosquitoes in and lock them in the secure anti-escape chamber inside.

    • Effectively traps dead mosquitos without the mess that comes with traditional zappers


    Material: ABS

    Power Interface: USB

    Rated Power: 5W

    Package Includes:

    1x TrapX™ Mosquito Killer

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