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    Hair Lint Remover

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    Removing Hair and Fur Has Never Been Easier

    Stay elegant and restore the new look of clothes and fabrics, very suitable for removing fluffy balls from clothes on the sofa.

    Save money with this obscure little thing, buy some new clothes for yourself, and make your life easier.

    Remove Pet Hair Effortlessly

    • The pure copper head ensures a long service life and is easy to remove pet hair, bread crumbs, lint, etc. without leaving sticky residues.

    • Suitable for cleaning clothes, bedding, furniture and car interiors.

    • Easily removes pet hair, crumbs, lint and more without leaving a sticky residue behind.

    • Restores your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look!

    • Pure copper head ensures a long service time.

    • Brings stable and constant strong power to remove lint and balls.


    1x Hair Lint Remover

    Size: 17 x 13 cm / 6.2 x 7.5 cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Noemy Leuschke

    Excellent, I recommend this product and seller. Greetings from Spain.

    Harold Casper

    Ordered both silicone and the metal one. They work amazing! For denser carpets I would recommend the metal one. Its handle is also more comfortable then the green/silicone one. Maybe I am amazed since I never used something metal to clean the carpets and furniture. Would recommend using both, indeed! you can see how it removes the hair and the lint in the photos. Also the comparison. The shipping was in 20 days, which is amazing!

    Sven Fahey

    It works. Wooden handle is nice

    Selena Osinski

    Very good product, remove all the hairs, I have two cats one with long hair and one with short hair, and this brings out even the shortest hairs, I recommend!

    Katheryn Abshire

    Exact to the description, it remains to be tested to see if it works

    4.9/5 Reviews

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