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    Acrylic Periodic Table of Elements

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    Real Life Elements in 1 Table Display

    This is an elegant display of the periodic table of elements. Make it more engaging to learn about chemistry with this must-have gadget. 

    Each element features your standard information, including name, atomic weight, number, and abbreviation.

    Ideal Gift for Science Enthusiasts

    • Each element also includes a real sample of the element itself, encased in clear acrylic.

    • There are no samples of radioactive or dangerous elements for obvious reasons but these are represented with the standard information. 

    • A stunning gift for your aspiring scientists in the family. It's a great decorative piece as well.

    • The Periodic Table Display with Real Elements is a work of art & science that is a must-have gadget in your home, office, or school.


    1x Acrylic Periodic Table of Elements

    Size: 150 x 114 x 20mm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Dion Bernier

    Real elements though very tiny. Fast delivery with protection polystyrene.

    Alessandro Lockman

    Acrylic Periodic Table of Elements

    Juliana Beer

    Great! As in the description😊
    (I painted the base in black)

    Kayleigh Homenick

    Fil de cuivre au lieu de béryllium. Fil d'aluminium est placé comme "germanium". Je suppose que plus d'éléments chimiques peuvent être falsifies ici. Peut être tous les retours positifs pour cet article sont des gars qui ne sont pas chimistes. Et facile à tromper.

    Darlene Jenkins

    Very cute but… .. Mercury brings a sample of mercury oxide (HgO) and not Mercury itself (Hg)…. Otherwise it looks very nice

    4.9/5 Reviews

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